Posted by: Kathy Dragon | November 20, 2008

Africa Adventure Consultants

STI’s Oct. Newsletter

Responsible Travel News and Sustainable Tourism News

Africa Adventure Consultants

Africa Adventure Consultants, a Denver-based boutique safari operator, launched a comprehensive effort to reduce carbon emissions in early 2008. The company joined forces with Sustainable Travel International on its pioneering TravelGreen program, which helps Africa Adventure Consultants offer carbon neutral safaris. Africa Adventure Consultants was STI’s first African safari operator partner implementing the program, which offers guests the peace of mind that their safari can have a net zero carbon impact. In addition, Africa Adventure Consultants works with their African partner companies to reduce CO2 emissions by implementing solar and wind power schemes, reducing wood burning, protecting land to create carbon sinks, and more.

“We recently gathered data from our clients regarding their understanding of carbon neutral safaris,” said Kent Redding, President of Africa Adventure Consultants. “We learned that while they were not necessarily shopping for a carbon neutral safari, they were 70% more likely to book when they learned about our offsetting policy. This proves that it’s not only the right thing to do from an environmental perspective, but a solid business decision for travel companies to move forward with carbon neutral initiatives.”

Africa Adventure Consultants recently identified their 5 Greenest Trips, based on total carbon emissions; they include:

1. Kilimanjaro Climb
2. Tanzania Adventure Trek
3. Kenya Walking Safari
4. Rwanda Gorilla Trek
5. Zambia and Malawi Adventure

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