Posted by: Kathy Dragon | October 16, 2008

SEO Blogging

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SEO Blogging – What it is and What it’s Not

I want to clear up a misconception about blogging. There are purists who only consider blogs as communities and who have certain ideas about what blogs are. For the small business owner, blogs are ideal tools for SEO. In other words, to get higher search engine rankings (and therefore traffic) for keyword phrases that relate to their business.

Choose a Few Specific Phrases that Relate to Your Business to Focus On
Small business owners may think they should go after general words – like “sunglasses” when what they really should do is go after much more specific phrases like “designer sunglasses.” Your chances of getting to the top of results if someone types in sunglasses are pretty remote. However, “designer sunglasses” may be easier because there’s less competition.

Blogs are Easier to Manage than Paid Search
Many times small businesses can’t afford to do a lot of paid search advertising or they simply lack the expertise. If you’re not careful, you could go on vacation and spend $4,000 without meaning to (like discussed in this video by Dr. Ralph Wilson and Catherine Seda). All because you set your budget thinking it was monthly, when it was actually daily.

Paid Search Costs Keep Going Up
As more people run ads on search engines, you pay more per click. Some keywords can cost $6 or more for each click. The price you pay depends on how many competitors there are at a given time and how well your ad is written. MarketingSherpa just released some data based on a survey of top Internet marketers that confirms this. Big brands increase budgets, small business look for ways to manage costs (like go after more specific keywords, write better ads, or simply spend less).
You can Outsource Blog Creation and Writing
My solution is to set up a blog where writers post daily and focus on a few keyword phrases relating to your business. Then you know how many posts you get per month for your budget. They are PERMANENT links, unlike paid ads that go away when you stop paying for the ad to run.

An SEO Blog has a Specific Purpose – to Help your Web Site Rank Higher in Search Engines
The blog is not intended to get comments or draw a lot of visitors to the blog itself. Think of the blog as the motor on your web site. It’s a quick way to add links to your web site. Those links help your web site appear higher in search results. The writing is more like articles than blog posts. The blog is simply a publishing platform to make it easy to get content up quickly.

SEO is a Long Term Investment that Pays Off Over Time
You don’t need to understand any more of that to use this technique. I’ve been helping clients who barely know what a blog is. One thing you must understand about SEO is that it is an INVESTMENT. It’s not overnight success. It builds up over time. You can do things to hopefully speed that up (such as using SEO plugins and optimizing your blog well).

This blog made no money at first and didn’t have much traffic. It took a good year before i saw results (but I wasn’t blogging for traffic or for business, I was simply writing about what I was passionate about – which is different than an SEO strategy). After a few years my blog has made some residual income and built a reputation.

Building Credibility and Trust by its Very Nature Takes Time
Think of it like moving into a new neighborhood where no one knows who you are. It takes time to build relationships, meet the neighbors, make friends, and get acclimated. If you don’t try at all you probably won’t make many friends. You certainly won’t become popular, unless you have a positive reputation already or if someone they know with high trust endorses you.

Each time you add a new link with a keyword phrase you are getting a vote and building credibility in search engines. Blogging is one way to do this. It’s a great strategy if you’re on a budget.

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